To show that I am actually alive?

Why you no allow some IPs for Saimoe voting?

Almost a year later and still the same shenanigans. I don’t really like ISML format, so I am probably left with KSM…


This is still alive? Oh the wonders of the internet… shall I write more? Hummm…

For now let’s just say I am not lonely anymore… oh bliss~ <3

What am I talking? Moe contests, of course. While Taiga is a great character, she just isn’t moe. No, really not. Voters, I am disappoint. Also, ISML pages down…

A year have passed and I am single again. Way to celebrate the new year (might start celebrating this time of a year instead of that stupid 31/12 – 1/1) and start of Project:Editor 2. (If you don’t know, it has something to do with AMVs.)

I visited AkiCon 2009 even over being ill, I was a mascot and I spent the whole Aki chatting with a certain person. Just like last year. The only difference was that I wasn’t the mascot last year, it was a different person and I had more duties this year. The Sunday of the con is a bit blurry, though. Maybe I should have had brought some footwear with me, because I spent few hours without it there. Not good when you’re ill, really.

I watch few series, mostly interested in Sasameki Koto (I like the current trend of shoujo-ai/yuri!) and Seitokai no Ichizon.

I am kind of bored and lonely. I apologize for anything and everything
Let’s get to some work and curing my illness. Should work.

(I am sorry for my bad English.)

Best Moe:

Taiga win. Expected? Well, yes, kind of. Congratulations ^^


Number of Saki girls went 4 => 2. Kinda weird seeing Yuuki lose, she was IMO stronger than Kyaptain. I have a feeling that Kyaptain won’t stand a chance against Yui, especially if Nodoka wins against Taiga (whose position is kinda weaker now that she won Best Moe).

Predicting finals of Nodoka x Yui, though I’d like to see Taiga x Kyaptain ones…


The journey continues on. Voted by my best meaning and hope it will count, somewhat. The previous elimination bracket had no surprises, the current… we’ll see. I am hoping for Yuki/Shana win.

I finished Wanko to Kurasou recently (Yes, I mean finished as in 100% – walkthrough used for the few last CGs, I am not a masochist… though…)

My feelings from it…

– the number of the heroines should have been higher

– the number of side characters was fine

– the main protag was a fuckmachine and thus highly unsympathetic

– the bad route had very disappointing story and no character progress.

All in all, nice CGs, pretty simple music (at least the names of the tracks amused me… really, “Happiness of Filling”?) and disappointing main things.

At least Mikan was cute and Kouta couldn’t read hard kanji.


From the mostly solved to the least solved:

Best Moe:

Taiga winning over Azusa? And Kagami over Ushio?

You have let me down, Best Moe…


Just as planned, except one thing Momoko losing in her match, that made me sad panda ;____; Only 9 votes, too! I mean, Louise is fine, but moe? Oh, you!

If Nodoka wins today, Top8 will have 4 Saki girls, which would be a new record for one show characters number in Top8. Woo! Louise will go fast, I suppose, and Kana as well. Taiga and Yui might give some more resistance. Well, we’ll see how the matches will line up.


I am kind of disappointed in how no new girls got into ISML Top16, but well, you always have the next years. For now I’ll keep wishing my best to Yuki, I suppose.

SaiMoe(s) – serious bussiness :<

After pretty good summer season (Bakemonogatari, GA Geijutsuka, Spice and Wolf s2), the Fall endowed us with a slightly worse choice of nice titles.

Which is fine, because I still haven’t caught up.

So, I’ll present you some of the anime I have on my list for this season. Should be short (apart from OVAs) and divided into three parts. Will watch for sure, Might watch, and OVAs.

Props for outsourcing to Chartfag

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So, some time ago, I was pretty busy.

Well, to be honest with you, I am “always” busy.

Which means I should probably abandon my blog.

Which is why I totally won’t do that ;x

So, from now on, as a personal promise, I’ll write at least one post a day, every time I am online that day (yeah, if I am at con or somewhere without net, no posts.), starting with today and not counting this post.

Though be warned, it might be a lot less graphical than it used to be ;x

So… there.

Quite busy with my personal life, sorry, but that’s all you get this time~


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