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After pretty good summer season (Bakemonogatari, GA Geijutsuka, Spice and Wolf s2), the Fall endowed us with a slightly worse choice of nice titles.

Which is fine, because I still haven’t caught up.

So, I’ll present you some of the anime I have on my list for this season. Should be short (apart from OVAs) and divided into three parts. Will watch for sure, Might watch, and OVAs.

Props for outsourcing to Chartfag

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Just finished this anime, tried to do so for a long time, but ultimately, I just went along and bought the DVDs… then I took a pause… and watched the first DVD…

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In this issue of Yue’s view we will concentrate on the delicate topic of robotic love. After Chobits, A.I. Love You and other titles on this theme, we now have it even in our Kyouran Kazoku Nikki.

And it began so innocently.

Being fallen on by a biological weapon was always my dream.

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Waiting impatiently for new Hidamari Sketch (where art thou, SpoonSubs?) and posting what I should have posted, I finally get to Hidamari Sketch 03 post.

Now, for the first time, we get a clear view of how the Hidamari-so rooms layout looks like!

Something new in every episode!

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Strike Witches time!

No, really, who needs pants?

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So the Clannad ep 24 finally got out and subbed. What can I say? Maybe… as expected?

Can you give me the whole episode, Tomoya-kun?

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Many of you probably know by now what is the topic of this post. Yes, it’s a short (4 episodes) OVA Kyou no Go no Ni aka Today in class 5-2.

And I have to agree there… It’s all about them collarbones.

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To inform you I finished Mahoraba anime. Well… it was good!

Our dear heroes… that is Mahoraba

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New Hidamari is here, thanks to SpoonSubs and so we can enjoy our drug in our comfy houses, while Hidamari fights with winter cold!

Btw, have you noticed these two frames in the countdown in the start?

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Finally we’ve got our dose of tears and sobs here (well, it might have been out for a few days now, I am slightly behind in titles and can’t really keep up with all my favourite long-term things).

New Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien episode, the third one (out of four, yay) went through my MPC. So…

We start with a proposal…

Will you marry me go out with me?

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