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Hey… have they changed the layout for writing new posts? I like this a lot more!

A little report…

Working on my new AMV.

Finally got a work, as a cutter an editor, hopefully I won’t be fired soon.

(No, I don’t work with wood logs ^^;; )

As the title says, I turned 22 today. I got an awesomely big cake, full of marzipan, yay~

I finished Koi Kaze (it was full of sweet incest, I like), Rec (the main heroine was love), Honey and Clover ;____; and Hantsuki T_________T

I am way behind my schedule for the last and current season, due to all the editing, scanlating, work and stuff. Hope it gets better over holidays.

But I rewatched Yotsunoha. That OVA is love, and as soon as I get a new HDD, I’ll get the games~

Well, back to it all, it is~

The revisions were made when I actually woke up (thanks to my proofreaders! o/ )

Should I even say more?

(Yes, the footage is from hentai :< )


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