Yue-chan here

So, something about me, isn’t it?

Living in the Czech Republic, I am pretty far from Japan. Still, I do like that art style, those stories, that (a little bit) naivity, those blue hair and large eyes…

I am 22 and being in the field of anime for almost four years now, I consider myself being pretty able to orientate in the field, though I know I still miss some of the great titles of the past. I started as a loner but now I am established in few circles (some Czech otaku, A-M-V.org, scanlating) which makes the search and contacts way easier, lucky me :<

Being quite tall and tsurupettanish, I have a weakness for tsurupettans (though rather the small ones, interesting). Also for blue hair, green eyes and cute and moe personalities.

My character is quite simmilar to Yue, that’s why I chose this name for these pages. Well, wanted to go with Nya-chan (as you can recognize me by the suffix -nya on IRC… nowadays it’s almost only Sanya-nya!) – already taken though :<

For this aniblog… my style is usually quite straight to the point in short sentences, don’t expect any awesome puns or twenty paragraphs here. It’s just watch, write, watch another.

After all, without watching there wouldn’t be this, so it’s the main thing to do, right? :<

*goes to watch*