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After pretty good summer season (Bakemonogatari, GA Geijutsuka, Spice and Wolf s2), the Fall endowed us with a slightly worse choice of nice titles.

Which is fine, because I still haven’t caught up.

So, I’ll present you some of the anime I have on my list for this season. Should be short (apart from OVAs) and divided into three parts. Will watch for sure, Might watch, and OVAs.

Props for outsourcing to Chartfag

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It’s actually here! \o/

Yes, that’s right, summer season 2008 has started, RAWs all around and such. Now guess what? I wont’ bother you with all the titles, as I usually don’t watch all of them but choose only those to my liking. So what will I be watching this summer (of course leaving aside the shows I am watching from past seasons) to tell you about it?

Let’s run through them from the least to the most expected titles! :<

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