Strike Witches time!

No, really, who needs pants?

I have decided to skip Sky Girls (because they aren’t related to Strike Witches that much) and watch the first three episodes right away.

It was worth it!

First, we get this awesome opening, where the singing sucks, but we get an army of lolis in the first few seconds! Yay!

Lolis for everyone!

After the opening we jump right into a battle with average count two pantyshots per second. What is interesting is the fact that they all seem almost accidental. Cunning!

Oh, I have to mention, that I found my first character I liked here. Surprisingly, it was Mio, the leader of the girls. Her eye is so charming!

I can see you!

After the poor creature gets pwned, we switch to the main character of the story, I’ll call her Kate, because i still don’t remember her name.

Well, Kate saves a kitty, saves her friend (and faints while at it) and gets recruited by Mio to go after her (pressumably) dead father.

And we get a brief glimpse of some more characters.

Do you feel like joining the army right now?

And the first episode ends. It’s pretty much the “you will come to us, I know it” intro episode, but it wasn’t bad. Oh, and the ending is slightly better, also showing us nice shot of character profiles :<

Nice view. Makes remembering them easier, too.

So, the second episode. One would expect some serious fighting (have I mentioned that the boat got attacked (surprisingly) by Mendoi-Conclave Neuroi? Nope? Whoops), but the first half of the episode is just Kate struggling what she should do, while about 20 planes get shot down and 10 boats sink. Minor damages, it seems.

So we get to the eyecatch and nothing happens. Have some eyecatch pic, then (they are good!)

And it has Mio, too!

Then it starts, finally! Kate gets angry, jumps into flying shoes (it has some weird name, but I forgot that) and flies to kill herself in first action help Mio kill the bad… thing?

Every start is hard :<

After some struggling, she helps Mio and flies like using those shoes for twenty years in row and then faints. The other lolis come to save the day and destroyed Neuroi gives us awesome background for the start of some romance. What would flying lolis be without romance?

That deep look… those shining eyes…

Thus ends the second episode. Oh, right, they also find a grave of Kate’s dad, who is dead (that rhymes!) and Kate decides to join the Strike Witches to protect all!


In the third episode, Kate gets introduced to the rest of the lolis. And here I have fallen in love with yet another one of them, and that is the Soviet loli. Her pillow and sleeping while walking is just so… moe!

I want that pillow!

These aren’t of course all of the lolis, so I’ll throw in two more of them, and that are the US and the Italy (I suppose) ones:

Laziness in blood!

I like her attitude. Well…

I leave out the French one, because she’s pain in the sitting parts of body :<

After the introduction we get some friendship making (Kate/Lynne) and they train their flying and shooting skills.


The French loli shows us again that she doesn’t like anyone – with the exception of Mio, of course.

We get an alert, prestige flighters fly away, attack Neuroi, destroy him… and it shows up it was a bait.

So the real defending falls on our friendly duo and two other girls. Some more flying, shooting, pantyshots, and…

The mission is a success!

And there we end so far.

Well my feelings from these three episodes?

– Get pants. Or skirts. Or anything. Oh my gosh, why do they have to be in panties only?

– Why can’t older women fly too? Kate’s mother and grandmother seem to be magically potent, even better than her. Plot device much?

– All in all, the story so far isn’t that bad, which gives it a good chance I will keep up with it. Hopefully someone will get some quality encodes out soon :<

– The CG… on one hand it’s good, on the other… some places are just awful. Luckily, they seem to realize it and they disappeared almost completely in the third episode. Hopefully it will last.

Well, that is about all. I thought about asking you all to choose some day to worship Strike Witches and go in the public without pants…

But rather not.