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I finished Wanko to Kurasou recently (Yes, I mean finished as in 100% – walkthrough used for the few last CGs, I am not a masochist… though…)

My feelings from it…

– the number of the heroines should have been higher

– the number of side characters was fine

– the main protag was a fuckmachine and thus highly unsympathetic

– the bad route had very disappointing story and no character progress.

All in all, nice CGs, pretty simple music (at least the names of the tracks amused me… really, “Happiness of Filling”?) and disappointing main things.

At least Mikan was cute and Kouta couldn’t read hard kanji.


I finished this beautiful VN today, and I have to say, 10 out of 10. Thank god for English patches.

Saya hug

The premise is quite simple, yet kind of confusing, our hero has a brain accident and a surgery which make his brain damaged and he sees other people and all of his surroundings as monsters and piles of blood and intestines. And in the middle of this awful world, in hospital, he meets normal girl, Saya.

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This time showing us the world of the first unrequited love… and as if it wasn’t enough…

This time from the other side.

Yes, that is right, the main protagonist of A Midsummer Day’s Resonnance is a girl.

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Yet another Visual Novel finished. I planned to make this more of an aniblog but one about VNs isn’t that bad either!

Mysterious girl ahead

For today, I will be reviewing a VN named Red Shift.

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Where it all starts…

Another review today will be for doujin game A Dream of Summer. A game where you can guess the outcome after few minutes of playing but still quite enjoyable.

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Like a butterfly…

This time I will talk about a short VN called The Ballad of an Evening butterfly. Be aware that even if I try there might be some spoilers and it’s also not much kind to the players. Keep that in mind…

…and let’s read in.

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Today, we’ll take a close look at a VN with a little bit of irrational among a lot of rational.

What I am talking about is a VN known to English speakers as Snow Sakura. Well, I wouldn’t say it’s bad, but… well, let’s not skip the things.

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These hands…

Another short VN finished, this time it was two in one – literally.  The World to Reverse contains two short Visual Novels, one called Hallucinate, one called Flanca. Let’s take a look at them.

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The deeper I dig into VN area, the better things I get. This time it’s a visual Novel called Narcissu.

“This is a story of disease and suffering; of medication and adverse effects; of thoracotomy scars and cellular poisons; of the living who cannot help but to die and of the dying who cannot help but to live; of a resting place other than “on 7F” or “at home”.

This is a story of so many things.

But most of all …

This is the story
of a girl whose heart was standing still
and a boy whose breath was being stolen away,
both of whom die.”

[taken from]

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I was very pleased with True Remembrance soundtrack, so I was trying to find it all the day on the net yesterday…

But I failed.

So in the end, I just ripped it myself (with the assistance of guys from, thanks very much!) and because it never hurts to share the results of your work with others (especially when you know how hard is to find the damn thing), here you have it:

Link 1

Link 2 (zShare)

Link 3 (MediaFire)

If they don’t work, tell me and I’ll gladly reupload :<


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