Because of some demands, I decided to improve some things in my SW skin.

List of features:

– CPU usage, Physical memory, Swap memory, IP, DNS, GW unchanged, as well as DL/UL statistics.

– The disc total now supports up to 4 HDDs. Just click on the round bar to switch to the other ones.

– Uptime now doesn’t show on mouse over date, but on click. Switches back on click as well.

– Shows song names (two lines max, in WinAmp will roll, if you have your preferences set right).

– Has WinAmp/foobar (with right plugin) controls. (Default setting is to open foobar, you can simply change this by opening the ini file in notepad and set “WinampExe=”C:\Progra~1\foobar2000\foobar2000.exe”” to show to your WinAmp exe file. You can even have some girls point to foobar and others to WA.)

– Play button has “Add Files…” on right click.

– Fast Forward and Fast Backward buttons move the song five seconds ahead/back on right click, respectively.

– The Star button opens your selected Audio player on left click and closes the skin on right click.

This time, I’ll throw in only four previews, the other ones are pretty much the same.

And the necessary download

(The first version is still up for the ones who like it better.)