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The last match of SaiMoe 2008 is finally here, and however Hinagiku put a brave fight, she still lost to Tsukasa by 42 votes (Hitchhikers guide to galaxy, anyone?)

Yes, that’s right. The final of SM08 is sister slaughter!

So… will you vote tsundere or moeblob? Do you think Tsukasa deserves to pay back to Kagami for that volleyball match or you think Kagami won fairly?

I am going to give my last vote to Tsukasa. Barusamikosu~ still sounds in my ears…

See you at the results! :<

Who do/would you vote for?

This fight will be very interesting and tight, I think. Tsukasa’s chances are lowered a little by the fact that some people don’t want LS vs LS finals. I still voted Tsukasa, though and hope that she will win. Tsundere just isn’t exactly my thing…

The winner will meet Kagami in the finals who slaughtered yet another Clannad girl. Goodbye, Nagisa, and see you the next year…

Kagami is slight favourite against both of todays contestants, but I think all three of them can pull out a victory when timed right.

And with the next fight, it will be over. Remember though, tommorrow there is Kagami vs Yuki match in ISML (winner will meet Fate in finals!) and the day after, Super Moe starts. So much moe…

It’s that time of the year again, hords of rabid fanboys drool over moe characters and cry because of their favourite moe girl losing.

Well, actually I am a little late, as Best Moe has already ended, ISML is almost over and SaiMoe will end in a few days. Well, there is always Super Moe to save the day. (That reminds me – will there be SeiMoe 2008? SaiGAR failed, but I’d love to vote in SeiMoe again. Seems like it’s dead for this year, though…)

For today, let’s have some news from SaiMoe, though. The final strong four has been decided (and in fact, the first match is running at the moment), so let me just say…

I’d LOVE to see Tsukasa vs Kagami finals!

For fun. And to have the chance to vote Tsukasa and let her win over her sister for the first time.

I still voted Nagisa, though, as I find her more moe and that is what counts. but from what I’ve heard Kagami will probably win safely, though… never say never…

I have released a new AMV, if you haven’t noticed yet.

That is all for today.

(I wonder about making one long post about all the things I finished recently, just a sentence or two per series. Sounds fine, ne?)

Because of some demands, I decided to improve some things in my SW skin.

List of features:

– CPU usage, Physical memory, Swap memory, IP, DNS, GW unchanged, as well as DL/UL statistics.

– The disc total now supports up to 4 HDDs. Just click on the round bar to switch to the other ones.

– Uptime now doesn’t show on mouse over date, but on click. Switches back on click as well.

– Shows song names (two lines max, in WinAmp will roll, if you have your preferences set right).

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Laziness > plans.

Well, not as much. it’s more me being much more active in other areas. I’ll make (I suppose) 5-6 posts when I am not making a video, scanlating Negima, creating banners, learning how to make a skin…

Talking about skins… :<

I recently started creating skins for Rainmeter… and it’s quite fun! And as I want to share the results, I might give these away here. First, have some screenshots (all is in actual size after clicking, no resizing):

If you wonder where Minna and Yoshika went… there just weren’t any pictures in given pose in given quality :<

The complete set can be found => here <=

Also, you can see the statistics in the previews (and there is MouseOver on date which shows uptime), but if you find some fault, need to edit some picture, need some statistic changed (and can’t do it yourself), just ask.

I will do some more skins in the future, so if you have any wishes (and it’s not impossible to find pictures), I’ll think about it, just ask. I am planning to do Misato/Asuka/Rei set now.

And then maybe blog a little… Maybe…



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