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What am I talking? Moe contests, of course. While Taiga is a great character, she just isn’t moe. No, really not. Voters, I am disappoint. Also, ISML pages down…

A year have passed and I am single again. Way to celebrate the new year (might start celebrating this time of a year instead of that stupid 31/12 – 1/1) and start of Project:Editor 2. (If you don’t know, it has something to do with AMVs.)

I visited AkiCon 2009 even over being ill, I was a mascot and I spent the whole Aki chatting with a certain person. Just like last year. The only difference was that I wasn’t the mascot last year, it was a different person and I had more duties this year. The Sunday of the con is a bit blurry, though. Maybe I should have had brought some footwear with me, because I spent few hours without it there. Not good when you’re ill, really.

I watch few series, mostly interested in Sasameki Koto (I like the current trend of shoujo-ai/yuri!) and Seitokai no Ichizon.

I am kind of bored and lonely. I apologize for anything and everything
Let’s get to some work and curing my illness. Should work.

(I am sorry for my bad English.)

So, some time ago, I was pretty busy.

Well, to be honest with you, I am “always” busy.

Which means I should probably abandon my blog.

Which is why I totally won’t do that ;x

So, from now on, as a personal promise, I’ll write at least one post a day, every time I am online that day (yeah, if I am at con or somewhere without net, no posts.), starting with today and not counting this post.

Though be warned, it might be a lot less graphical than it used to be ;x

So… there.

There are none here because I am being too busy ATM.

Hopefully you’ll at least see the results… on time :<

Series I have finished recently: Hantsuki (have I said it already?), Detroit Metal City (OMG!) and Bottle Fairy (I wish that in the end it wouldn’t change…)

Also visited Czech YukiFest ’09, suck it, PragoCon!

Back to the work~

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Hey… have they changed the layout for writing new posts? I like this a lot more!

A little report…

Working on my new AMV.

Finally got a work, as a cutter an editor, hopefully I won’t be fired soon.

(No, I don’t work with wood logs ^^;; )

As the title says, I turned 22 today. I got an awesomely big cake, full of marzipan, yay~

I finished Koi Kaze (it was full of sweet incest, I like), Rec (the main heroine was love), Honey and Clover ;____; and Hantsuki T_________T

I am way behind my schedule for the last and current season, due to all the editing, scanlating, work and stuff. Hope it gets better over holidays.

But I rewatched Yotsunoha. That OVA is love, and as soon as I get a new HDD, I’ll get the games~

Well, back to it all, it is~

The revisions were made when I actually woke up (thanks to my proofreaders! o/ )

Well, I didn’t think that the pause will be “that” long.

And then I went to the local hospital, had a surgery because of serious appendicits and had to stay there for two weeks.

I just wish I had a laptop with anime there :<

Life is funny, sometimes.

But! I suppose that it’s the time to plan what to do, what to write about and such. It makes it much easier for me to say “I will write about this” because then I feel like I have to write about it, you know :x

So, I have seen these, but hasn’t yet written about them:

Zero no Tsukaima s1, s2 and before I finish all this, probably s3


Kanokon specials (every and each of them is worth a post, but i suppose I’ll merge them)

ef ~a tale of memories~

Hidamari Sketch x365 every episode (these are series I won’t merge. Ever)

Ala Alba OVA 1

and I finally finished Ever17, which is totally worth a post too

Then I have some current series I need to finish along with the groups and then write a review.  Natsume Yuujinchou, Nogizaka Haruka, Toshokan Sensou, Strike Witches… most of these will get one post, I suppose.

I have to write a report about ADVik ’08 as well.

And of course, I will have to report about autumn season! Mmm, delicious Lucky Star OVA! :<

A lot of work, so wish me luck that I can do all of this :<

I am not happy about this, you know, because it means my wise and cunning plan to get linked from kur0gan3’s blog gets almost impossible (3 months continual posting streak, anyone?).

Well, I can still hope he won’t mind if I pause for a month and then continue allright or something.

You see, all of my readers, my personal life got some serious problems (and I mean serious… man, I never wanted to post about my personal life here), so I didn’t post for a few weeks now and probably won’t post for a few more.

But don’t despair! Your Yue-chan will be back, I am writing down everything I watch (which isn’t much under these circumstances) and will try to update it, I promise.

Thank you all for support and reading in, really thanks…


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