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It’s results time.

First – Kagami Hiiragi becomes the SaiMoe winner of 2008!

What is moe?

Congratulations, Kagamin!

Tsukasa put up a good fight, even led for the first few hours, but Kagami managed to pull away and to win 1016-959 on votes… so narrow… missed a ball :<

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I am currently working, so I’ll keep it short.

Super Moe has begun. There are currently four groups in vote.

My votes being:

– Louise (I feel some weird sympathy for her)

– Miku (Mikuuuu~)

– Tamaki Kousaka (hard group, with both Lelouche and C.C. in it ^^;; )

– Shinji (why not?)

Go and vote now!

(*gets back to work*)


  • 67,518 hits :<