The first episode will be inserted here as well, but the next ones will be only announced here – and that is even maybe only~

Miko no Uta

Miko no Uta

Miko no Uta starts off~



Just finished this anime, tried to do so for a long time, but ultimately, I just went along and bought the DVDs… then I took a pause… and watched the first DVD…

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Just a quick Rainmeter skin on one of my pauses when I took a break and didn’t feel like crowling away from teh PhotoShop.

Enjoy your Lain~


Download <= link should be updated

There are none here because I am being too busy ATM.

Hopefully you’ll at least see the results… on time :<

Series I have finished recently: Hantsuki (have I said it already?), Detroit Metal City (OMG!) and Bottle Fairy (I wish that in the end it wouldn’t change…)

Also visited Czech YukiFest ’09, suck it, PragoCon!

Back to the work~

I finished this beautiful VN today, and I have to say, 10 out of 10. Thank god for English patches.

Saya hug

The premise is quite simple, yet kind of confusing, our hero has a brain accident and a surgery which make his brain damaged and he sees other people and all of his surroundings as monsters and piles of blood and intestines. And in the middle of this awful world, in hospital, he meets normal girl, Saya.

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Hey… have they changed the layout for writing new posts? I like this a lot more!

A little report…

Working on my new AMV.

Finally got a work, as a cutter an editor, hopefully I won’t be fired soon.

(No, I don’t work with wood logs ^^;; )

As the title says, I turned 22 today. I got an awesomely big cake, full of marzipan, yay~

I finished Koi Kaze (it was full of sweet incest, I like), Rec (the main heroine was love), Honey and Clover ;____; and Hantsuki T_________T

I am way behind my schedule for the last and current season, due to all the editing, scanlating, work and stuff. Hope it gets better over holidays.

But I rewatched Yotsunoha. That OVA is love, and as soon as I get a new HDD, I’ll get the games~

Well, back to it all, it is~

The revisions were made when I actually woke up (thanks to my proofreaders! o/ )

Should I even say more?

(Yes, the footage is from hentai :< )

If I don’t do it now, I won’t ever (see AMVík 08), so…

This is the report of Czech AkiCon 2008. Wooo!

Friday morning. I finish Honey and Clover II at 2AM and decide to take a nap. Who knows, I might need it. I wake up at 8 AM, take a bath (I’ll need that as well) and then haunt a train to the Prague. I sleep in the coupé as well.

14:00, I arrive to the place. Cultural Centre Garden.

14:45, the estimated meeting time, the first set of organisators comes and finds me, frozen to death meets me, reading book by Japanese authors. Nice, warm inside of the building awaits me. (It was opened all along, but who cares, there was nice sun outside!)

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I have finished Honey and Clover and… man, was it good!

Currently watching the second season.

In the meantime, enjoy the following two AMVs from my creation times:

This one is made from Narcissu which I reviewed some time ago.

And one hommage to my favourite character from Hidamari Sketch, Sae!

In other news, I have some family problems nobody wants to read about probably, so that’s it for today.

(I should find more things to blog about. And more time and will to do so as well. Sigh.)

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