After pretty good summer season (Bakemonogatari, GA Geijutsuka, Spice and Wolf s2), the Fall endowed us with a slightly worse choice of nice titles.

Which is fine, because I still haven’t caught up.

So, I’ll present you some of the anime I have on my list for this season. Should be short (apart from OVAs) and divided into three parts. Will watch for sure, Might watch, and OVAs.

Props for outsourcing to Chartfag

Will Watch:

Nyan Koi!

A story about love, cats, romance, cats and… err… some more cats? You know you can count me in!

To Aru Kagaku no Choudenjibou

New To Aru. When I finish the old one (stuck around the middle) I will surely check this out. Some more biribiri never hurts <3

Seitokai no Ichizon

One guy in a room full of girls, talking about things. Sounds like a nice slice of life to me. I think this will be well worth it.

Kimi no Todoke

Romance. HnC style of drawing. that should be enough for anyone.

Sasameki Koto

After the fangasm which was Aoi Hana the last season (simply loved it), I hope we can get some more quality yuri stories.

Might check:


Will see how it turns out. Hopefully better than a mindless fanservice.

Letter Bee

Animation looks nice, story summary tells nothing. What is it about and why should I watch it? Time will tell. I hope.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Pirezzu

Will I ever finish the first season to actually decide whether to watch the second one?

Kiddy Girl-and

See above. Kiddy Grade never finished.

Kaidan Restaurant

Slice of life, so it might be worth it, but the animation looks a little weird to me so let’s see how mellow it’ll turn out.


Continuing, so clear choice:

Ontama, kissxsis

New ones:

Negima – another goodness from SHAFT? YES!

Kyou no Go no Ni – yet again? Why not ^^

Hidamari x365 – slice of life need. Nutbladder in danger.

Mahoromatic – return of the classics.

Kemono to Chat – looks… interesting.

Kanokon, Akikan – for all those weird fanservice moments. Hope Kanokon will pull out some more great fighting scenes.