From the mostly solved to the least solved:

Best Moe:

Taiga winning over Azusa? And Kagami over Ushio?

You have let me down, Best Moe…


Just as planned, except one thing Momoko losing in her match, that made me sad panda ;____; Only 9 votes, too! I mean, Louise is fine, but moe? Oh, you!

If Nodoka wins today, Top8 will have 4 Saki girls, which would be a new record for one show characters number in Top8. Woo! Louise will go fast, I suppose, and Kana as well. Taiga and Yui might give some more resistance. Well, we’ll see how the matches will line up.


I am kind of disappointed in how no new girls got into ISML Top16, but well, you always have the next years. For now I’ll keep wishing my best to Yuki, I suppose.

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