I finished this beautiful VN today, and I have to say, 10 out of 10. Thank god for English patches.

Saya hug

The premise is quite simple, yet kind of confusing, our hero has a brain accident and a surgery which make his brain damaged and he sees other people and all of his surroundings as monsters and piles of blood and intestines. And in the middle of this awful world, in hospital, he meets normal girl, Saya.

The game itself was rather short and I finished it in two days, though one day was completely possible.

The game’s three endings were kind of good. I saw people say there’s no Good End, but I found it false. There’s definitely a Good End, there’s another Good End (for humanity at least… and they are together as well, which counts) and there’s a Bittersweet End. The “standard” Good End pleased me the most, though, and I have to give the authors props for it.

Finally, I should probably warn you that there is a nice piece of gory and sexual scenes in the game. There’s a possible filter for them, but I suppose almost no-one uses it anyways, so… consider yourself warned :< It’s still mainly a wonderful love story, though.

And, I present (after a longer pause) Rainmeter skin for Saya no Uta. This one is smaller, but the controls are almost the same. I just had to add IP/DNS/GM switch (just click on IP and it’ll switch) and the song window is smaller.


Here is the download. Hope you’ll like it.

(The wallpaper can be found on moe.imouto.org, btw ^^

Well, then, unless the next time! :<