If I don’t do it now, I won’t ever (see AMVík 08), so…

This is the report of Czech AkiCon 2008. Wooo!

Friday morning. I finish Honey and Clover II at 2AM and decide to take a nap. Who knows, I might need it. I wake up at 8 AM, take a bath (I’ll need that as well) and then haunt a train to the Prague. I sleep in the coupé as well.

14:00, I arrive to the place. Cultural Centre Garden.

14:45, the estimated meeting time, the first set of organisators comes and finds me, frozen to death meets me, reading book by Japanese authors. Nice, warm inside of the building awaits me. (It was opened all along, but who cares, there was nice sun outside!)

We enter the Centre and register. Coo’. We get two rooms for Orgs and we start to prepare. Dan takes out a paper cutter and half a ton of papers and I start cutting. Cutting. Oh my god, is there even that much paper in The World? More cutting!

Suddenly it’s 18:30, time for my first MAD lecture. I come on time, but… oh. The names of all the MADs are gone and there are numbers instead. I give a short talk about MAD x AMV differences and then I play few MADs based on F/SN, Touhou and Tsukihime. I survived, that counts, and also promised that tommorrow there’ll be better mix.

Some more cutting papers and I visit a competition in DiceMino and watch AMV block “On your own risk”. Damn, godix, that noise was killing me. Good work, AnimeMusicVideos.org

What follows is my TL of Hidamari Sketch x365 (first two eps only). I find out, that delivering thoes 720p 120fps RAWs for screening wasn’t good idea, because in the second half the frames went slightly wild and the ending was unwatchable. Pity, x365 has a good one…

I get tired (also, I consider that tommorrow I have night guard at change-room), cut some more papers and get to sleep in the corner of the hall. Who needs changing or some weird stuff.

Saturday, I wake up to find a paper on which is written “Free Bukkake” lying next to me. Hahaha. You pissed the org, guys, next year I’ll find you and eat you alive.

I finish cutting the papers. Yay! Beat that!

Time for 801 Heat (aka Seme takes, Uke gives) tournament. There are six girls and one guy. They guy of course wins. Oh, irony.

I miss my annotation because I have to hop in for DanQ.

Next is tournament in GoXeSo, slightly complicated version of Pairs, featuring whole Negima class.

I miss another of my annotations because I am too into the games. When I enter the hall, Hayate already runs. I back off.

I spend some time just wondering around and then I go for the anime auction with one target only. Azumanga is MINE. Poster… poster… complete Sukisho, nah, already have… complete Death Note, huh… AZUMANGA(!!!) I give in all my tactical forces and for around 50 bucks it’s mine! Good price for four volumes, yay!

I was shining. Literally.

Then I visited the end of W.ota.N’s lecture “Frail AMVs”. Well, it wasn’t really my cup of tey, especially because there was a dialogue, which seemed a little too forced. Nice AMVs, though, especially the last one (Sex and Caramel).

Next is the second half of my MAD block.

Remember when I said I have prepared better pieces?

Screw that, I got a premade playlist and had the only option – let it run and maybe skip something if it’s really bad (which, accidentally was one bad Haruhi x Tsurupettan MAD, which might have pissed of some Haruhiists. Sorry, I swear I had two better Haruhi MADs prepared! ^^; )

I am dead X_x

Then meeting of the Czech AMVers and talking about -this part has been censored by FBI-

I visit selling place, buy YYH Movie soundtrack and then head for “Till the last Otaku!” competition. It runs somewhat smoothly. It could have been better, but it wasn’t utter fail and there was applause and laughter, so everything OK. The last question was tough.

Then i unluckily missed Hintzu’s lecture, because of the competition in eating donuts. I mean… ten donuts (in case you get in the second round, which I did) for a little over 1 dollar? Sweet deal! I wasn’t hungry till the next morning!

Next is the telling of results, some singing. Coo’ :<

I visit Mind Game and then wonder around the building for about two hours and try to find out what it was about. Oh. My. God.

Somewhere around this point I purchase -censored- on the black market. I mean, come on, -it- was just so cute!

Midnight, Sunday starts. I have a guard on the change-room and spend next eight hours chatting with Tinme-chan, who accompanied me (she didn’t have to… I am so glad she did, though m^.^m), listening to the yaoi lesson from Grek1 and looking after clothes and passing-by-drunkies (you know who you are ;x ))

8AM. The next shift jumps in and I head to get some sleep. I fall on the same place as yesterday, but Tinme-chan, Dia and Paul Muad’dib come after me and next four hours we spend in chat. My sleepiness disappears and I am even able to help in the following Big Org Cleaning. I wave bye to Tinme, Dia and Paul, take a pic with all of the Orgs (biiiig pic!) and head home.

I, of course, sleep at the train.

Awsmsauce con!