It’s results time.

First – Kagami Hiiragi becomes the SaiMoe winner of 2008!

What is moe?

Congratulations, Kagamin!

Tsukasa put up a good fight, even led for the first few hours, but Kagami managed to pull away and to win 1016-959 on votes… so narrow… missed a ball :<

Next up is ISML 2008. In the repeated match between Kagami and Yuki, Yuki managed to pay back and win nicely, 700 to 459. The final Fate vs Yuki is due in few days. Hope to see you there (even more if you are Yuki supporter!).

And lastly, Super Moe news!

Group 1, winners Kagura from Gintama and Suigintou from RM. Louise ended third.

Group 2, winners Lelouch from CG and Hatsune Miku.

Group 3, winners C.C. from CG and Souseiseki from RM. Tamaki ended fourth :<

Group 4, winners Keiichi Maebara from Higurashi and Ranma from Ranma1/2.

The largest rush had Kagura in the group 1, who was even 3rd few first hours, but managed to get to the first place in an awesome style.

The highest percent rate of winner had Keiichi, with 48,1% of all votes.

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back with some more news from both running contests. Stay tuned! :<