It’s that time of the year again, hords of rabid fanboys drool over moe characters and cry because of their favourite moe girl losing.

Well, actually I am a little late, as Best Moe has already ended, ISML is almost over and SaiMoe will end in a few days. Well, there is always Super Moe to save the day. (That reminds me – will there be SeiMoe 2008? SaiGAR failed, but I’d love to vote in SeiMoe again. Seems like it’s dead for this year, though…)

For today, let’s have some news from SaiMoe, though. The final strong four has been decided (and in fact, the first match is running at the moment), so let me just say…

I’d LOVE to see Tsukasa vs Kagami finals!

For fun. And to have the chance to vote Tsukasa and let her win over her sister for the first time.

I still voted Nagisa, though, as I find her more moe and that is what counts. but from what I’ve heard Kagami will probably win safely, though… never say never…