Laziness > plans.

Well, not as much. it’s more me being much more active in other areas. I’ll make (I suppose) 5-6 posts when I am not making a video, scanlating Negima, creating banners, learning how to make a skin…

Talking about skins… :<

I recently started creating skins for Rainmeter… and it’s quite fun! And as I want to share the results, I might give these away here. First, have some screenshots (all is in actual size after clicking, no resizing):

If you wonder where Minna and Yoshika went… there just weren’t any pictures in given pose in given quality :<

The complete set can be found => here <=

Also, you can see the statistics in the previews (and there is MouseOver on date which shows uptime), but if you find some fault, need to edit some picture, need some statistic changed (and can’t do it yourself), just ask.

I will do some more skins in the future, so if you have any wishes (and it’s not impossible to find pictures), I’ll think about it, just ask. I am planning to do Misato/Asuka/Rei set now.

And then maybe blog a little… Maybe…