In this issue of Yue’s view we will concentrate on the delicate topic of robotic love. After Chobits, A.I. Love You and other titles on this theme, we now have it even in our Kyouran Kazoku Nikki.

And it began so innocently.

Being fallen on by a biological weapon was always my dream.

In the start of KKN 11 (oh, already so far?) we have Hyouka (I hope) and father running away from some bad guys, got busted, and Hyouka falls on this cute freckled girl.

And fall in love with all of his biological weapon heart.

So he starts visiting her and helping her in shot, while she watches him eat.

We actually see Hyouka eat for the first time, too.

Well… isn’t that beautiful?

It’s obviously ADDICTIVELY FUN!

We can see some progress in their “relationship”, even if Hyouka doesn’t speak clearly and the girl seems to care more about her shop she runs.

But it wouldn’t be an episode without Kyouka interfering!

Swarm of mini-Kyoukas attacking!

Finally, Hyouka is defeated, taken away, dressed in a suit and… wait, what?

Yes, he is taken to his family, who tests him in love skills. Because Kyouka makes them, apparently.

Some parts are succesfull, some parts… a little less.

Addictively… wrong kissing.

Then Hyouka is taken away by his lassie (he calls her that way, really!) and this time, family prevents Kyouka from interfering. Luckily, I’d say.

And we finally get to the coupe de grace of this episode!

A random crazy scientist appears!

He takes Hyouka about his past. About him killing his nearest person and how it’s related to the person beside him right now.

And Hyouka goes berserk, kills all bad around – and lassie runs away, leaving hyouka alone and heartbroken. He even tries to write an apology/love letter to her, but fails and rips it apart. Or so you would think.

Because the kind anon family delivers!

And so, even this chapter ends with a nice happyend (kind of) and Kyouka ending.

Another nice and funny episode over (I wonder how they do it, that their moralising isn’t as bad and noticeable all the time)