This time showing us the world of the first unrequited love… and as if it wasn’t enough…

This time from the other side.

Yes, that is right, the main protagonist of A Midsummer Day’s Resonnance is a girl.

Or, to be more precise, you play a girl in this game. That starts innocently, going to school, some introduction, going to the school, accident… and that accident changes the life of the MC.

Because in that accident, one device gets quite extra powers, and starts functioning as a portal device (for communication only, though), through which you can see another two girls, who have simmilar device. And you fall in love with one of them.

Told you, it’s a summer game.

The one on the left is the cheery, younger one. The one on the right is then the main character’s love. Long blonde hair, green eyes, cool (I couldn’t but remember Sakaki. And for me, Sakaki wins, sincerely.)

But this relationship isn’t stable, due to their devices, which are pretty unstable, and so they decide to meet, because they live pretty near to each other. But…

Well, this story was quite good. You could really tell that there is something wrong throughout the game (and also the premise is quite fantastic, to be honest), but it wasn’t that clear untill fully said (I had two hypotheses in that moment, and one of them was right :<.

The gameplay was rather nice, the only thing bugging me was the sound of activating the device. It appeared quite often, and as it was pretty awful tone, I wasn’t expecting device activations (which happened accidentally and randomly, btw) with such eager as our heroine.

The show from gameplay.

Sincerely, I am showing you this just because the gameplay and intro pictures (which I liked more) quite differ.

To sum it up, this was a nice quick VN, with rather unbelievable premise and pretty believable and understandable ending.

Story about summer, unrequited love and growing up…