Waiting impatiently for new Hidamari Sketch (where art thou, SpoonSubs?) and posting what I should have posted, I finally get to Hidamari Sketch 03 post.

Now, for the first time, we get a clear view of how the Hidamari-so rooms layout looks like!

Something new in every episode!

In this episode, there is a school day off. Sae and Hiro go shopping, Yuno and Miyako go to sketch some shrine which was reccommended to them by Yoshinoya-sensei, and Yoshinoya-sensei…

Charming Yoshinoya-sensei goes to school.

Back to Yuno and Miyako. They arrive to the shrine (after some funny moments in train and on stairs to the shrine itself) and start sketch. At first, Miyako tries to draw her vision of shrine dragons as they should look like…


We get some Yuno sketching after that and one small girl comes and steals asks Yuno for her picture, which she gives you. Later we discover that the girl watched Miyako too, but asked for picture only Yuno.

Well, back to the school. We now can see why was Yoshinoya-sensei going to the school on a free day.

He burns! Water! Quick!

It seems like Yoshinoya-sensei left her reports alone, which the principal didn’t like… Yoshinoya-sensei, you are so childish.

In the last part, we move to Hiro’s room, favourite place for Hidamari-so parties. We get some nice everyday talk, Yuno discovers lucky chocolate, which unfortunately Sae doesn’t see, because she’s talking with her sister on the phone at that moment.. and it melts.

Seconds to meltdown…

Then some more talk, some more eating sweets (Yuno discovers some new tasty type) and some more playing. And TTGL.

Pierce Yuno with your drills!

And again some more talk, mainly about the day itself, about sketching, shopping and all. Yuno gets praised for her drawing and this is what happens:

Pinochio? Is that you?

And we get our necessary bath and it’s the end.

Man, I just love talking episodes like these. You can relax so well while watching them.

Can’t wait for the next one (hopefully out today)!