So the Clannad ep 24 finally got out and subbed. What can I say? Maybe… as expected?

Can you give me the whole episode, Tomoya-kun?

Once again, the whole chapter got hijacked, this time by Tomoyo. Well, I can’t say I haven’t expected it, there was a lot of hints out there. But still, to let all of the other girl characters disappear? That is pretty much.

In the start, we get Tomoyo waking Tomoya up, as usually. They act all lovey-dovey and in fact are already a pair. Tomoyo has her work and…

And that’s where the trouble start. Because Tomoya is, as we know, famous delinquent and such. And it affects Tomoyo’s prestige and her career might be not as shiny. We have this mentioned about five times from random people, in fact, so it starts to get a little boring.

For the last time – you are loser, who can’t make her happy!

And it goes so far, that in the end these two break up. Tomoya likes his ice cream more, it seems.

Yum, ice cream!

Those of you, who expect Nagisa or Fuuko or Kotomi… or practically anyone, to be honest, to come now and steal Tomoya away help Tomoya get Tomoyo back – you are mistaken. Tomoya enjoys his depression, chitchats with Sunohara and studies, so he won’t be dependant on Tomoyo. Cool guy, really.

And then after eight months we get a bawwww scene in the snow, they end up together, because they loved each other all the time, and everything is fine and Tomoyo doesn’t leave for foreign studies, but instead makes love-bentos for Tomoyo.

The (Happy?) End

I want my Kotomi!

*hopes she will appear in Clannad afterstory*