Many of you probably know by now what is the topic of this post. Yes, it’s a short (4 episodes) OVA Kyou no Go no Ni aka Today in class 5-2.

And I have to agree there… It’s all about them collarbones.

This story, as the title hints, is a collection of short stories from class 5-2. Main characters are five girls and three boys and… well, imagine taking AzuDai and throw in few perverted boys. And don’t forget that the girls are kind of perverted too.

No wonder this show was awarded with the “Best Fanservice” award in AnimeReactor awards 2007.

Lend me your finger next time too, okay?

First person to be introduced is Kazumi, and i have to tell, I like her probably the most. She is closed, speaks rarely, and has strong biting tendencies. Oh, and doesn’t smile at all. Truly exceptional character, who is the spice of every simmilar story.

Notice the nice collarbones!

Second person who we get to know is sporty girl Yuuko, and it’s mainly this episode that went notorically famous, because of the “collarbones theory”, which is what Ryouta (main boy) claims is the most important thing on every girl.

Well, can’t really disagree with him there.

I… can explain?

And here we have Ryouta in all his beauty, this time with Natsumi, yet another sporty girl (even more than Yuuko).

You probably won’t believe me, but this scene is totally unintended and it isn’t what it looks like. but you don’t believe me anyways.

Don’t drool, please.

Of course this show is full of generous pantyshots, cleavageshots and who-knows-what-else-shots. This time the poor victim of it is Megumi, shy girl with glasses and beautiful long black hair (needles to say, another of my favourite characters). Her fear about her weight and unwillingness to let measure herself is just so cute.

What would be such show without kiss?

And finally, you might have noticed one more girl in the last picture. That is Chiika, Ryouta’s osananajimi and the girl who is the most in love with him. And he likes her too, it seems. Well, you can see this in the opening already, so it’s nothing big, but it pleases eye anyway.

I’d describe Ryouta’s two friends, but they aren’t that big deal anyways. Most people will forget them easily , because, admit it, we watch this show for

– fanservice

– fun

– favourite character.

And all these three points are pretty strong here. Fanservice all around, favourite characters…

Did someone say favourite character?

And for fun, yeah. There is a LOT of it. Mainly in the first few episodes, but the later ones aren’t that weak either. The fun is mainly based on Ryouta and fanservice, plus on the art.

Though some moments aren’t funny for all :<

I also reccommend reading the manga, it’s pretty short (1 volume) and covers whole 4 episodes, plus some extra events.

Definitely nice watch for fanservice and fun.

Let them collarbones be viewed!