Yet another Visual Novel finished. I planned to make this more of an aniblog but one about VNs isn’t that bad either!

Mysterious girl ahead

For today, I will be reviewing a VN named Red Shift.

Again we browse the waters of linear story, where you can just watch how the story unfolds.

You are a high schooler who has older sister only, are involved in school activities and such. Fairly normal life (I’d say even pretty much “too” normal for this scene’s standard).

One day, as you go from school, you stop in the park and stargaze (have i mentioned the school is almost all-girlish and they drag you in many activities which makes you go home late? Sucks, doesn’t it?) for a while, when a strange girl approaches you and asks you to leave the bench on which you are lying.

With that, your strange relationship begins. But… what is it with those sudden rings in your ears? Why does the sky keep turning red sometimes? Why do you keep mon meeting this other mysterious girl? Does it have a connection with the first one?

Mysterious girl count: 2

And to complete the girls count, I have to mention your sister. No, not the real life one. She is a doctor, but she is totally unable to take care about herself. Her calls usually consist of word “Dinner” and her usual taking care about you means dragging you home when she finds you unconscious in park.

Really… dragging by “feet”?

All in all, this straightforward VN was quite fun to play. The story wasn’t much predictable untill later in game (yay!) and it had some pretty big character development, which I sometimes miss even in bigger projects. The fun was nicely timed too and I really can’t say anything negative about this piece at all.

And, of course, it has the main character, who looks a little like Ilya from “certain” VNs/anime series *ahem*

Can’t resist posting her smile

This is definitely a VN worth playing and I highly reccommend it to anyone interested in the field of those. For amateur project it’s highly consisted and well-balanced piece of art!