To inform you I finished Mahoraba anime. Well… it was good!

Our dear heroes… that is Mahoraba

I need to say, that it was as expected. After all, iirc, this anime was created when the manga was about halfway through (still can remember the mangaka being all happy about it) and so the lack of the actual outcome is not disappointing, it was a good adaptation (and we can always hope for the next season/OVA).

And we got our characters! the most changed one, to me, was surprisingly the main character, Ryuushi, he was really different to me from the manga (in visage only, though). Haibara, President, Tamami, Momono, they were all perfect and just as I imagined them in move. More simmilar adaptations!

Have to admit that the idea with “suppai” princesses was really nice! Also the style that they used to visualise the 4koma parts was really well done.

And… of course… I got my Natsumi… kamo…

And the other three girls as bonus :<

So in the end, I was pretty much satisfied with the anime. That is all, you can leave now.

I leave Mahoraba people to themselves… at least until Mahoraba manga is licenced in US (or until I learn Japanese, heh).

Untill then… so long, Mahoraba!