New Hidamari is here, thanks to SpoonSubs and so we can enjoy our drug in our comfy houses, while Hidamari fights with winter cold!

Btw, have you noticed these two frames in the countdown in the start?

We have shifted a year forward from the first episode, which brings the question – will this season be about year two? It migh be interesting, especially if Sae’s sister will move in!

But we start as usually… morning clock rings!

How have I missed this scene!

The OP is kinda stuck in my head by now, so I can nitpick some particular scenes from it. The schoolmaster as Santa, Yoshinoya-sensei in few nice poses, few awesome Sae/Hiro parts…

Like this

And then we get the episode itself. This time it’s focused on Sae’s and Yuno’s sisters mainly, but we get only text messages about them and little visual about Sae’s sister. Also some nice blushes from Sae when she’s caught calling.

The Valentine day is approaching and Yoshinoya-sensei makes preparation. Seems like schoolmaster is against and Yoshinoya-sensei decides to not give him any chocolates, but in the end she is defeated…

Because there’s no-one else to give them to :<

After school, we move back to the Hidamari-so. Miyako tries to find those rabbit drawings from episode one and wears her battle dress for cleaning, because she has to clean her room first.

And it’s really necessary

They look at the drawings (I kind of wanted Sae to draw one as well, but she didn’t, shiku shiku) and after that some shopping is done and we get kotatsu scene and cooking, which, for me, was the main source of fun in this episode. First, we found out what Hiro is afraid of (before the shopping, even).

Don’t let them at me!

If you are asking – the source of fear are rotten tangerines. Yup.

Then we get Miyako cooking. Miyako.

Miyako doing cat paw… obviously wrong.

Luckily, the cooking is finished without any losses on lifes and the dinner is to begin. But Miyako spots missing tofu and Yuno goes to cut it in… but when told it’s the important part… well… you can’t really put important decisions on Yunocchi!

Expectations… expectations…

And let the feast start! I’ll leave out some obvious Miyako/Hiro misinterpratations of “food for sumo combatants” and just say everyone enjoyed it.

And that is practically the end of the episode.

Oh… can’t forget. We started with clocks… we have to end with a bath!

Some things never change

And that’s it. As preview says, see you next time in Hidamari-so!