Where it all starts…

Another review today will be for doujin game A Dream of Summer. A game where you can guess the outcome after few minutes of playing but still quite enjoyable.

You play yet another high school student, in the limit of three days during the school festival. This time we get old promise which may or may not be fulfilled.


This is the main girl. Our hero calls her Braidy, which is so addictive that even I can remember that better than her original name. Well, damn.

Her path is the main one and the one you will get as soon as she appears in person. Seriously, this lacked WTF factor pretty much. She’s still cute, though.

So moe I died

The second character is moe. Petite girl, pianist, speaks in high voice and freezes before going on stage. Oh, also wears glasses.


Her path was the first for me and I enjoyed it, even though the end was painfull a little. Still it was a good end.

Then we have bad end, of course :<

The general story wouldn’t be probably so bad, if it wasn’t so predictable. The side story is then just too usual.

The music… is fine, I guess. What is a little problem are the voices. I don’t know why, but the best friend of main hero sound like if he was behind the wall. Still, it’s voiced doujin game! So I was happy to overlook this and the thing that VAs were obviously amateurs. They tried, made it nicer for us and that is what counts.

The last thing – the extras. There is usual CG gallery, music gallery… and a minigame. In it you can even obtain some more CGs (enjoy) and stuck on it for pretty long.

The game often freezes, though. Would be fine to have it without it, but… for a quick run through it (and then maybe few hours by the minigame) I’d reccommend it. Especially now, in summer :<