Like a butterfly…

This time I will talk about a short VN called The Ballad of an Evening butterfly. Be aware that even if I try there might be some spoilers and it’s also not much kind to the players. Keep that in mind…

…and let’s read in.

In the start you are given one small scen to introduce the characters and place. And then we go ahead on it.

You are Sera. Probably. You are lost in the forest. Probably.

Because you don’t remember.

You find this old house in the forest and come inside. It’s creepy. And inside of it you find Yoru (couldn’t help but remember Yoru from Sukisho… big difference, though). He’s dark as night. And the house is empty, only Yoru stays in… and black butterflies, hoovering over him.

You are given a task. To keep one girl, locked in a basement of near building, a company. You go down and she’s there. White as snow. In white clothes. Surrounded by white butterflies.

With red eyes.

Complete albino, vulnerable to sun as paper is to molten lava.

You speak to her, you read to her. You can’t but feel nice in her company. So it goes along. At times in the creepy house, at times in her company.

Keeping her company…

But then it comes…

Well, honestly, this VN is quite good. It makes a nice impact and can make a feeling of mysterious, almost horror feeling at times, to which music helps in great part. It has some places hard to understand, but not extremely, which is good.

Little spoilers for the ending:

There are two endings, one bad and one extra bad.  But I have to tell that I find the “extra bad” ending a good one, in a sense… If you have played this piece, you know what I mean. Maybe I am just twisted like that.


This is a good VN, even though a little cruel at times – but that is just as it goes. Definitely something for the deep thinkers out there.