These hands…

Another short VN finished, this time it was two in one – literally.  The World to Reverse contains two short Visual Novels, one called Hallucinate, one called Flanca. Let’s take a look at them.

The first one is Hallucinate. Story about one man in a hospital. About one girl in a window. Is she even real? What does she want? Why does she want you to die?

This story is the shorter one, but I have to say that I liked it more than the other one. Can’t say really much more about it, because of its shortness, but definitely worth a play. Well, can’t take more then 15 minutes, so why not?

Who needs pictures?

The second story is Flanca. Slightly larger, but can be finished quite fast as well. For me it took 15 minutes almost exactly.

It is written-only, so it’s more of an ADV than VN, but still…

It tells a story from a closed up world, world which consists of two sides of a town, a girl, a woman, man in black and two boys. You are one of those two boys and you search this word… trying to live… trying to find what is this world about. And what role everyone plays in it and what draws them all to Flanca, a girl role from opera…

This ADV had no graphics at all… just a descriptions. they were very vivid and at times disturbing. What drags this piece a little one is that it is a little less understandable. Well, in the end I understood it a little more, but still… It feels like it would be a pretty strong point of the game, but even in the end I couldn’t just fit some people to some other ones and to some actions. Which is a little pity.