Finally we’ve got our dose of tears and sobs here (well, it might have been out for a few days now, I am slightly behind in titles and can’t really keep up with all my favourite long-term things).

New Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien episode, the third one (out of four, yay) went through my MPC. So…

We start with a proposal…

Will you marry me go out with me?

And she says no, would you believe it? Cute green-haired bishounen and she says no. Ahem.

If the first episode was full of Haruka and the second one full of Mitsuki, then this episode was Akane’s. I wonder who will get the fourth one for himself… maybe Narumi-kun’s? (I hope I get the name right again, I horribly fail at names, you know!)

After her refusal, we get a short exchange of opinions (who to choose for relationship and such) from Akane and her friend. Then we get fanservice, the moment for which many Akane-chan’s fans waited for.

That glass doesn’t cover much, does it?

Can’t show you the moments before, trying to keep this SFW :<

Then she wonders if there isn’t something wrong with her sister’s relationship and goes visit Narumi to work. Mission succesfull… maybe a little too much for my tastes.

Perfect lovers, ne?

They argue, laugh, drink, have some chit-chat and…

…and then he says: “Marry me!”

Okay, not really, but when he kneeled like that I was all like: “He’s going to ask her to marry him! Oh wow!” Well, he only wanted to assure her the relationship is fine and all.


Akane wonders around the town (still Akane, noticed?), goes to stalk Narumi in his job, cries a little in the street and goes home. Yeah, that’s pretty much all.

Narumi fights with his work… well, in fact much more with his co-workers, as usually.

“Why don’t you go step in cat shit?!?”

Nice as usually, hahaha.

We finally move to Haruka/Akane’s house and witness an argument between them, where Akane tries to act as a cupid of Haruka’s and Narumi’s love and questions their “break-up for a while”. And Haruka faints.

Btw spoilers.

Facedesk: You are doing it… err, right?

Blurry because it’s in slow motion.

End :<

Yes, my friends, after ep 01, we get yet another cliffhanger! Damn, why can’t it be less cliffhangerish, if i have to say it? To wait for another month and something.

Damn you, cliffhangers!

*no Harukas were harmed in writing of this post :<*