Is that…?

Another series started today, and as the first part is actually 1-piece OVA I might as well share my feelings about it.

Hmmmm… Does that blue thing look just like worm screaming in agony just to me?

Anyway… :<

We have the humanity united, facing the space threat yet once again. Almost all men dead, so why not fight with naked lolis young girls instead?

And to get in the mood, we should start with some mysterious flying floating object!

I have it on radar… it’s… it’s…!

Yes, this is actually in the first cut of the episode. Enjoy, pedos.

So then we are on some boat (some navy one, not caring about precise ranking and such) and we have three girls being tested by fighting with some alien thing. Awesome. Mechas included. Awesomer. Dorama included. The awesomest.


I will leave out the screens from their changing into the suits, because you might faint. Or accuse me of being pedo. Or both. However, have something for the men out there.

All the longer coats have been lost, sir!

Why can’t she just take longer coat, you ask? Errrr… apparently, the worms ate them all!

(cunning creatures, those worms!)

It’s not that bad, though. The girls are kind of cute and such. Even though they don’t have nekomimi. Why, you ask? Well, apparently…

…they already have tails :<

Cute tails are cute. Why am I resisting the urge to meow right now? We need more anime with tails! Go, motion slits (that’s not ero technique, that’s the name of their outfits. Really!) :<

So, we are getting to the action. The girls saddle their slaves mechas and off the go to destroy the evil… Pokémon?

Where have I seen th… Ash? Is that you?

So they strike him down, problems, it’s tough, dorama, revival, pwnage. In that order… Btw…

Nice! But…

…one would think they would have less time for such an exhibition. Well, it’s nice to look at at least.

In the end we get to see some more dorama boobies and all ends well. Susprisingly, the ED is really nice and doesn’t look like from the same thing at all.

Must watch this series for lulz! :<

Oh, also… if you wonder why I am so slow in reporting… I am catching up on some series (Mahoraba, Someday’s Dreamers) and won’t bother with reporting them episode by episode. Will do that after watching them whole. Also, playing more VNs. God thanks for vacations :<

Signing off :<