Just a quick run through the episodes 5-8 of Real Drive. Should’ve done this yesterday, but was too busy playing VNs and rebuilding manga.

Don’t touch it, don’t touch it, don’t…

Episode 4 was fine. A lots of theoretical stuff and such, but good nevertheless. The concept of simulating the death was interesting… but I consider it being one of the weaker episodes. That’s why it gets less description here, if you wonder.

It’s all about Sous-Darin! Darin…?

Crazy android is crazy. This episode had one of the best fights so far (involving Souta, yay!). Well, it had all three F’s. Fun, feelings (like “going out” with an android… heh, misunderstandings) and fights. The main one was the best, although the moment where Minamo dodges the android and tries to get the sunglasses is very well done too. Pity it all seems almost too forced. Just “accidentally” so many famous sunglasses on one place. Well, happens.

See? Sea…

Feelings episode with many messages to the watchers like “Books are warm”, “Read more” and such. Nah :<

The end was satisfying, though, as I expected the outcome to be a little different. Seems like haru overslept a little. Bad for him, sincerely. This episode made me a little mushy, in fact. Heh, to the next one…

Okay, is she crazy?

Crazy episode. Person who wants to become a dog. Talking dog. In barret. Or something. Crazy Minamo. More ethical messages to watchers. Chasing scene on the wheelchair including rollerblades. Dogs in circles with shining paws.

Okay, this episode was crazy. I was like WTF about 2/3rds of the time. Oh, fun times.

Nee… Isshoni asobou…?

And yet even more ethical messages… I kinda wonder if it’s worth for them to put them in the story. Well, seems so, so far.

Maybe you have already noticed, but the story became pretty much episodical, which isn’t that bad. In this ep we will meet some ghost, who scares people around the school. Well… unluckily for him (her), Minamo and her friends decide to search the mystery out! Prepare for lots of scared faces :<

To tell the truth, I was expecting more dealing with the mysterious phenomenon of “Earth’s biorhythm”, but it isn’t as bad even like this. Well, we have a lot of time after all, so we’ll see.

Oh, and previews are worth mentioning. they are absolutely awesome, without any word at all, which absolutely fits me. I don’t like ED much (which is interesting, because I never skip OP), but I always skip to see the preview! Definitely check them out, it’s a necessity.