New Hidamari is out!

And so far, it hasn’t failed my exceptations (also thanks to h00rjforce for subbing it, this was something I couldn’t resist to DL speedsubbed – and it was fine quality, considering the speed!)

So what do we have here?

This time we start with the actual coming of Yuuno in the Hidamari-so (which was something we’ve never seen in s1) and we see her mother. What a surprise! She looks simmilar to Yuuno indeed, so I guess it’s fine. She also has simmilar personality, I’d say. Like mother, like daughter ^^

You will probably notice the increased number of CG in the anime. It looks a little out of place, but I guess it’s just a matter of progress (and more money?) and what’s important – it still has the same nice feel. Also there is less number of actual RL objects.

What didn’t change, though, are the characters. Be it Hiro, still struggling on diet, Sae (poor Sae is just before the deadline in this episode) or Miyako. Oh yes, Miyako…

Is the soba ready yet?

Totally the way you’d expect Miyako to greet newcomer! Also her leap from the handrail was spectacular and made Miyako the number one of this episode.

Although I still wonder why did Miyako “cry” when leaving the board… probably a cold. Maybe they will return to this.

I am also interested in the actual storyline from the next episode. Will they skip few months or will they go strictly in order? Who knows.

In any case, i can’t wait for the next episode. And for HQ release as well. This really made my day!