Finished another Visual Novel today… and yet again there were no decisions in it. I might try to find out next time before I actually start to play expecting choices in it, might I not?

The story was pretty simple this time as well, or so it seemed in the start. The world suffers from some psychical disease that keeps people in so great depression that they lose the will to live and die. To avoid that, there are people called Mnemonicides, who make people forget the point of their depression…

Our story begins, when our hero meets a young girl named La.

La as you meet her

What is interesting about this game is different point of view. In Planetarian, you have never seen the Junker as a person. Here, you actually see the main hero, Blackiris. What is even more interesting is switching the characters. One moment you play Blackiris, one moment you play La. Well, play… more like you hear what they think. For a moment, you play even one another person (no spoiling here :<

No matter whose thoughts you hear, though, you see all the characters who are curently involved in the story, which makes it easier to handle for player, I assume.

Blackiris and La… time to hang clothes out!

The story itself… revolves. La is a person struck by the disease (The Dolor as it is called) and Blackiris as Mnemonicide heals her. This takes a lot of time and their relationship starts to change. But of course it isn’t all going smoothly… and to it all, sometimes the things aren’t what they seem to be. And yet again, no spoiling here :<

Definitely one of the nice and warmhearting VNs out there which you should give a try. Being short and translated to English (not mentioning it’s freeware, even the author link the translation on their pages) there is almost no reason you shouldn’t try it out now.

There you go. And enjoy it! :+)