Short Visual Novel is short.

That said, I finished this story in about three hours. With looking around, at some times. On the other side, I really enjoyed playing this piece, even though it wasn’t a game in the literal meaning.

But, since there were no choices (thus only ending achievable), it was pretty straight forward, which wasn’t really that bad. no moral dilemma like “I just made them all die” as in Ever17. Though maybe it has drawn player a little back from the role of being the Junker after all :<

The music was really nice and I enjoyed listening to it \o/

The artwork… well, if we consider there was so much rain and such, it was decent. And the main character (Reverie herself) was awesomely cute and huggable. Really.

Which meant I cried like a small child, whose lollipop is getting taken away by an ugly pedo, in the end ;_; If you plan to play this game, get tissues. Lot of them. You’ll need them. (And if you hate melancholic crying games, avoid this one, you’ll feel like emotivationally blackmailed :<

All in all, I considered this a great game-like story and on my inner rating scale it got nine out of ten, which is fairly good, considered the things mentioned above.

Nice work, Key! (>_>)b