Real Drive

Seen RD Sennou Chosashitsu 1-3 today. Wow. Simply wow.

At first, I was kinda struck, as I am not English native speaker, but in time I started to get the meaning of it all (well, in fact I think it was pretty twisted even for Japanese watchers) and I was astounded.

The story itself is pretty simple so far, there is something in the nature, which causes destruction to people-built structures, main hero is old diver who was injured 50 years ago by this phenomenon and now gets his chance to dive again, this time in “Metal” – the stream of data and thoughts. Interesting idea indeed.

The animation is very nice, what caught my eye was pretty realistic depiction of human figures, no more CLAMP or Geass overslimmed figures, but solid humanlike men and women… Well, in fact, you don’t see a slim woman in here, which is somewhat weird but still feels better than having no… well-built one in whole series :<

The sound is nice and almost unnoticable (which is always a plus, because it means you are interested in the story and don’t have time to look after the sound), the OP and ED are lively and catchy, if you get over the shock from the first few seconds of them (aggressive start is aggressive).

I am going to watch the rest that is out (meaning 4-8th episode) tommorow, as I am really interested in the progress of the story now and can’t wait to see the rest.

And I will tell you about that, of course :<