Mahoraba End

Mahoraba ended. Well, at least manga did. As I don’t want to spoil you too much, I’ll just say it was absolutely awesome :<

In fact, thank you so much, Kurogane, for your review which made me pick up this one (heh, fat chance he’ll read this :<

The last chapter was… how to say it… exciting, yeah, that’s the word. Once I recognized how they changed (which was on like page 5) I guessed the outcome. But it was still so worth it to see them all standing there! (especially Na-chan… I started to like her so much throughout the series and in the end she was my biggest favourite… along with Yuu-san and ‘bara-san/Johnny, yeah, puppets for the win! :<

I am planning to pick up Mahoraba anime now, even though 26 episodes kinda scare me, I consider myself being more of a short series fan.

Thank you for this manga, all who made it! (Hmmmm, I have to get it when it’s licensed in US… or directly from Japan :<